PhD programme in Business Management gives the opportunities to the candidates to do scientific research and strengthening their academic portfolios and careers. Experts and high rank academicians from various fields in Business, Finance, Economics and Accounting are available to guide the PhD candidates towards research excellence.

Key Research Areas

The PhD in Business Management requires the student to undertake a research project and develop a thesis in related areas (and not limited to the following):

  • Economics Entrepreneurship
  • Finance Accounting
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Marketing Information Systems
  • Management

Entry Requirements

  • Masters in the relevant domain, or
  • Masters in a related domain with 2 years experience in the domain (including at least 2 publications in the domain, or
  • Bachelors in the domain with 1st class with honours or CGPA 3.67 and above. For this qualification, candidates must register for Master Programme (Structure A), and apply for conversion to PhD in not earlier than six months and within one year of registration but subject to assessments and approval by Senate. For detail of conversion scheme, refer to COGS Academic Regulation.

Additional Programme Requirements

  • Passed proposal defense within 9-12 months of candidature
  • Progress Report submission at the end of every semester
  • Accepted for publication in TWO SCOPUS/ ISI indexed journals which are relevant to the Phd research
  • Passed Viva voce 

New Application: Outlines of Proposal 

Cover Page: Name, Research Title and Proposed Supervisor (if any)


  • Problem Background
  • Problem statement
  • Research Questions
  • Research Objectives
  • Significance of Study
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Expected Outcomes