Lisset Jaramillo

Lisset Jaramillo

Master of Social Science in Sustainable Tourism
Lisset studies Master of Social Science in Sustainable Tourism at The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, London

My postgraduate journey

From the age of 18, I knew that my passion was to work for my country, Ecuador, and mainly in the tourism field. I wanted to specialise in sustainable tourism for developing countries and to promote my home country as a leading tourism destination at international level.

I love studying and wanted to obtain a Master's Degree in Tourism, so I decided to apply in the Universities of Excellence Programme that the Ecuadorian government offers to the best students in the country who do not have the financial means to study abroad. I was accepted into the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and received the scholarship from the government.

My course and institution

It took me approximately a month to find the right university for me, but my search was worth it with CUHK. I was thrilled with the interesting subjects in the programme such as Tourism Policy and Development, Cultural and Heritage Tourism, Nature-based Tourism, Ecotourism Practicum and Management, Urban Tourism, and even Overseas Field Studies.

The university itself was like a city to me, incredibly big and with all the facilities that a student might need – a library that you want to live in, as it is so spacious and modern, with a great variety of books and colours that motivate you to focus and study happily, an amazing running track, so many restaurants, and a perfect location.

Postgrad highs

Studying in a completely new place adds to the international experience of doing a postgraduate degree. You meet new people, make new friends and fall in love with the natural places of the country you are studying in.

There is also more to postgraduate life than just study – I participated actively in most of the international students’ activities and was part of the Postgraduate Students Association of CUHK.

Career considerations

After doing my undergraduate degree in London, I stayed in the UK and worked for international hotel chains and luxury residences in various positions – F&B Associate Member, Receptionist, Meetings and Events Executive and Sales Coordinator.

I moved back to Ecuador and started to work in the public sector in SENPLADES, the National Secretariat for Planning and Development of Ecuador, and after that in the place where I always dreamed to work – the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador. It was after that when I decided to pursue a Master degree in tourism.