Gao Jiaxiong

MSc in Information Technology Management
Gao Jiaxiong is currently taking MSc in Information Technology Management at Hong Kong Baptist University


Bachelor's Degree, Tianjin Polytechnic University

Currently Pursuing

MSc in Information Technology Management, Hong Kong Baptist University


Why did you do a postgraduate course?

I took this MSc programme to learn the latest knowledge in information technology management so that I could find good jobs and opportunities in the IT sector.


How did you choose this course/institution?

My friend finished this MSc programme last year. I learned from her that the Hong Kong Baptist University is truly committed to high-quality education while this MSc programme covers the hot and important IT knowledge. I decided to enroll in this MSc programme so that I could learn some useful IT knowledge for better competitiveness in the job market.


What research are you currently pursuing?

I focus on the management and business aspects of information technology. It is because I am interested in these areas while there has been a large manpower demand in the areas in the job market.


What are your favourite and least favourite parts about postgraduate life?

I really enjoy the learning atmosphere in my class. The professors teach well in the class. At the same time, I have many opportunities to interact with the professors and my classmates for in-depth learning. Overall, my learning experience in the University and my daily life experience in Hong Kong are very nice without any unfavourable parts.


When do you think is the best time to do a postgraduate degree?

As far as we are still energetic (say, under 40 years old), any time would be the best time to do a postgraduate degree to further advance our knowledge and capability.


What advice would you give to someone considering a postgraduate degree?

It would be better to consider your interest and long-term plan and then select a relevant postgraduate degree programme.