Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Korea: Master & PhD Scholarships

Level of study: Master & PhD
Closing date: 15 April (Fall semester deadline) and 15 October (Spring semester)
All GIST students are awarded full-tuition scholarship for two years of M.S. program and for four years of Ph.D. program. Students are expected to maintain full-time student status and continuous registration until completion of all requirements. For more information on GIST's graduate programmes, visit
Value of award
  • Monthly Stipends
    All GIST students receive stipends throughout two years for M.S. program, and four years for Ph.D. program. Students are required to maintain full-time status. M.S. students receive monthly stipends of 220,000 won and 250,000 won for Ph.D. students. International students with GPA 3.0 or above may be given an additional 120,000 won as an international student support stipend.
  • Free Dormitory Housing
    GIST provides all students with on-campus dormitory housing free of charge, monthly utility fees of 30,000 won will be deducted from your monthly stipends. GIST also has apartments for married students which charge a resident for rent and utilities.
  • Experiment Costs
    For M.S. students, up to 229,900 won per year may be reimbursed of the amount incurred for research experiments, and up to 270,600 won per year for Ph.D. students, with the approval of their academic advisor.
  • Thesis/Dissertation Research Expenses
    Expenses associated with a student's research for the M.S. thesis may be reimbursed up to 511,000 won per year, and 901,250 won per year for the doctoral dissertation, with the approval of their academic advisor.
  • Research Assistantships
    Research assistantships are available for qualified students working on funded projects. Students who are granted assistantships well be paid according to their work hours and degree of participation in the project.
  • Medical Insurance Fees
    For international students, 60% of the Korean National Health Insurance fee is supported by GIST. For students receiving Korean Government IT scholarships, however, 30% of the Korean National Health Insurance fee is supported by GIST.
How to apply
  1. Decide on the specific program you wish to study and complete the application form via GIST's Online Application System at
    For detailed instructions, please refer to the application guidelines at
  2. After you've completed the form, you must mail the following required documents to GIST to 
    Section of Graduate Admissions, GIST
    261 Cheomdan-gwagiro, Buk-gu
    Gwangju 500-712, Republic of Korea
    Tel: +82-62-715-2054
    Fax: +82-62-715-2059
    The required documents include:
    1. submission of online admission application
    2. original or officially certified copies of degree certificates for all academic work completed (in sealed and endorsed envelopes by the Registrar)original or officially certified copies of transcripts for all academic work completed (in sealed and endorsed envelopes by the Registrar)
    3. two (2) letters of recommendation in the fixed form (in sealed envelopes)
    4. two (2) colored photographs (4x5cm)
    5. original official score report from TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, or TEPS
    6. certificate of proficiency in English (applicant for conditional admission only)
    7. a recommendation letter for matriculation fee waiver (written and sealed by the department chair of the current/last university the applicant attended)
  3. When the documents are delivered, a staff at the Section of Graduate Admissions will give you notice that your application has been received.
For more information
Tel: +82-62-715-2054